Ribbon goes wild

As you might already know, Redmond software giant has just launched a new version of its office suite, which has an innovative interface called Ribbon. The thing is that Ribbon seems to be a huge leap forward when compared to classic toolbar/menu UI combination due to its elegance and simplicity.

So, even better news is that today Microsoft has started licensing a new Office interface to third-party developers. The license is pretty fair: you may use new UIin any applications you want as soon as it complies with the spec and does not compete directly with Microsoft’s office products.

Here is a bit more info on the topic and if digging a bit deeper you may also find an interesting document, containing the preview version of Office 2007 UI design guidelines:

Office 2007 UI guidelines draft

So far it only has 16 pages of text, mostly describing Ribbon resizing routine but in the nearest future a complete version should be available.

At present time Microsoft provides no line of code for fast implementation of a new GUI, but some software developers already offer Ribbon controls which you may use to start building your next-gen interfaces right now.

I really hope, that unlike many other good ideas the concept of Ribbon would not be disconsidered and we would see its full power in the nearest future.


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