Hall of shame: Zimbra

Probably the worst UI feature of Zimbra, online collaboration suite is this one:


Tabs for calendar, inbox, etc is nothing wrong, but creating a tab without actual content which instead behaves like a “log off” button is a weird idea. Tabs must not behave like buttons and that have already been pointed out lots of times (well, similas behavior of old ASPack has already been mentioned in Interface hall of shame).

Tag: don’t use inappropriate controls in order to create virtual visible consistency.


4 Responses to Hall of shame: Zimbra

  1. Nerio says:

    Hello bud…..nice interface this blog, and nice to read what you write, its allways a pleasure to read that!! 😉

  2. Håkan Reis says:

    Action tab… well that’s a new one 🙂 Also i’m a bit concerned by the over-use of tabs here. This is just a small portion of the interface and I see around 10 tabs.

  3. KevinH says:

    Hi Taras,

    No excuses, but a little history. Our first UI skin was “steel” and had small chiclets or buttons so switch apps, go to options, or logoff. Screen shot below or change the skin to ‘Steel” in the hosted demo with ?skin=steel after you login.

    In our latest 4.5 version we are adding a top tabs skin which will look something like this.

    Notice the Help/Options are now links in the upper right.


  4. sacrat says:

    Greetings, Kevin.
    Great to know the things are changing to better ones.
    Thanks for clearing things up.

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