Future is now: innovative products and prototypes

Fortunately, along with all the badly designed stuff I cover in my hall of shame series there’re some good samples of really interesting, innovative and simply great designs.

This series of articles reviews some of these products. Certain items are only prototypes while the rest might already be available. So, let’s go…

Yanko Design company’s site has lots of interesting stuff which is at least interesting.

For example, this Bonfire tripod burner originates from the idea that modern kitchen is just an evolution of a bonfire place:


Thus, by design it looks like a firewood. It’s compact (the construction is transformable) and power intensity is adjusted by several sensors as well.

Elio watch is another interesting prototype by the same company:

Elio watch

Minutes and seconds are displayed by progress bars as well as text. Even though usability of this solution is arguable (one would have to become familiar with scales which are quite visual, but not common), the design is excellent.

Ambient devices company also features a lot of interesting stuff from so-called ambient interfaces: they deliever data to you without disturbing.

Let’s take a look…

Ambient Orb is a lamp, which changes its color, depending on incoming data, like weather forecasts or stock market information:
Ambient orb

Forecasting umbrella utilizes a similar approach for informing you about a need of its use: it starrts pulsing light when the rain is most likely to come. The data is received by the radio channel…

Forecasting Umbrella

Zooming mirror is probably a modern womens’ dream come true:

Zooming mirror

The mirror lets one see her face at 1x to 5x scales making it a great for makover. I’m not sure about actual products’ comfort usage and possible disadvantages, but the fact that such an idea has become real is just great!

To be continued…


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