Just one more “15 things I hate in OS X” post

So, the very first months after getting a Mac have passed and joy of working with the system has decreased a bit. In fact, X has lots of problems, some of which are clearly usability-related. Here’s a list of things that sometimes drive me mad:

  1. 1. Finder sucks. It sucks in everything: file management, work speed, usability and nearly any other field of its possible usage. There’s too much said of it already.
  2. 2. Keyboard navigation is freaky. Why doesn’t [Home]/[End] work properly? Why [Enter] renames and [Space] does not always activate default action? Why such a mess with [Backspace]/[Del]?
  3. 3. The famous green plus button makes me wander each time: why can’t it just maximize windows?
  4. 4. Resizing windows is pain. Catching right-bottom corner each time is annoying.
  5. 5. Why can’t QuickTime just play movies fullscreen without nagging for donations? Haven’t I paid for OS X already?
  6. 6. iTunes is still a perfect way to mess your music collection.
  7. 7. iPhoto might be a good photo manager, but why turning its image collection folder into a garbage so it’s nearly inaccessible by ordinary image viewers? Is Picasa way too complex?
  8. 8. Sticking to AAC for sound encoding while ignoring AAC-plus format completely.
  9. 9. WMV/DivX/etc codecs have to be downloaded separately even though they’re widely accepted formats and far not new.
  10. 10. Minimized windows in dock are not “live” i.e. you can’t monitor a program’s state by looking at its minimized thumbnail in dock.
  11. 11. Applications folder is a mess.
  12. 12. Screen capturing is made a perversion without third-party apps. We had decent functionality for that in Windows/BeOS/KDE-GNOME Linux for ages.
  13. 13. I do not want all the files in an archive to be unpacked to the source folder. I just want to see the files in the archive.
  14. 14. How big are these three files? I’ve found no easy way to tell this.
  15. 15. OS X still relies on file extensions for determining filetype.

P.S.: I’m aware of workarounds for many of these issues, but they’re still workarounds, not solutions.


One Response to Just one more “15 things I hate in OS X” post

  1. Yegor Gilyov says:

    I’m in full agreement with 1 (!), 3, 4 (!), 10, 13, 14…

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