Hall of shame: File moving progress dialog in OS X

Copying or moving?


“copymove” dialog from OS X (moving file in Finder)

OK, I’m moving the file. But why does the window header tell me about copying?


2 Responses to Hall of shame: File moving progress dialog in OS X

  1. krstatzar says:

    Maybe `coz it copies the file first and then delets it .
    Anyhow from your posts on OS X all I can tell it is not for me , no rightclick how can you live with that. How about writting on gaming (playability of games) issues and is it hard to service Macs if something fails.

  2. sacrat says:

    I don’t care. Really. One of the first rules of UI design says “don’t bring inner logic to the top”, so even if it’s Copy/Wipe actions I don’t want to know. But I do care about the difference of Copying/Moving.

    As for rightclick, it workes in OS X for ages 😉 But you may often get the same result by just holding left mouse button. Yes, Right-click is not that popular in X UI as it is in Linux/Windows, but you may use it in many applications. Even more: I’m using Logitech mouse with 2 buttons and 4 directional scroll wheel and all this stuff works 😉

    Games are OK unless you’re trying to play UTon MacMini 😉 Intelbuild-in videos are not suitable for anything but casual games.

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