I’m Taras “sacrat” Brizitsky, a GUI designer, technical writer and interface designer, mostly known to the community by my nick.

I have a physics background (graduated as a laser physics engineer), but in a short time understood, that software design, especially HCI looks more attractive to me than a role of an engineer.

At present my primary hobbies are related to design, usability, information design, UCD, HCI and related stuff described by other popular buzz-words 🙂 At the same time this is my current source of income, so I usually spend 8+ hours a day working with my computer at the office (sometimes at home) or drawing some sketches on paper.

This blog is created mostly for my fun. However if you find it useful/interesting, don’t hesitate to comment, especially if you have anything useful to say or wish to argue on a specific topic.

All the information here is provided under a very modest license: CC BY-SA, but it surely only applies to content, created by me as some linked images might belong to other authors.

Have fun!


One Response to About

  1. dent says:

    Hey, interesting site. I just wanted to point out that in OS X (leapord at least) you can go SHIFT-COMMAND-4 to grab a selection and SHIFT-COMMAND-3 to grab the entire screen. Even better, go SHIFT-COMMAND-4 then after you see the crosshairs, go ahead and tap SPACE. The crosshairs should change to a camera and then you can take shots of individual windows! And when you do that, the little corners at the top of the windows are automatically edited out, leaving a nice clean, rounded window.

    Sorry if you already knew that, but yeah. Its cool 😀


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