Test entry from journler

October 5, 2007

Is Journler really that good for blogging? It is, if you see this message…


SUSE, mac mini and back to Russia

March 20, 2007

After a journew to Tartu, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod I’m finally back to Sarov.

Olesja and Polina (my little daughter)  should follow in a couple of weeks.

So far I’ve managed to get a new HDD (320 Gb beauty from Seagate)  and a G4 mac mini as my entry-level experience to mac OS X. Also wiped out the remains of Ubuntu and replaced them with SUSE as the latter seems to be a way more sane solution for “install and go” work.

So far I must admit I do really love mac:small, pretty and silent machine with a surprising lot of power. OS X also rocks in many areas though some things still drive me mad. I’lltry to write a bit more on my OSX vs Linux vs Windows experience a bit later.

Hall of shame: Nero Info Tool

December 15, 2006

Ahead, the creators of famous Nero CD/DVD-burning (and managing whatever-data-you-have-on-your-pc) software suite is responsible for very powerful (from the technology point of view) engines as well as some of the worst software UIs you may ever find out nowadays in such programs.

A wonderful example of such interfaces is their Nero Info Tool:

Nero Info Tool

Am I given some choices totweak functionality of my CD-writer? What if I click Supported Features>CD-R? Nothing happens… Just because these checkboxes are not really checkboxes and are… simple indicators for displaying “capable”/”not capable” states.

Even without discussing overall tool’s GUI I must add that such “functionality ” is becoming dangeroussly popular among over developers. Here’s a sample from another CD-burning suite:

Another CD-burning software

Same problems witch checkboxes…

This is doubtly a behavior Microsoft implyes under common checkbox usage. And even if some of you might argue that users are not that stupid I should add that enabled checkboxes by their definition imply interaction. Disabling them might partitially solve the problem and shift it from the “itiotic solution” to the “ugly solution” field.

btw, you might have also noticed an additional quit button in Nero Info Tool as well.

Hello world!

November 22, 2006

Greetings, stranger.

I am Taras (SacRat) Brizitsky, former physicist and skinner who now makes living of his modest interface design knowledge… That’s basicly all. Thus, the blog is completely and entirely dedicated to the things I’m interested most: interfacces, ergonomics and design.

And yes, nevermind the stupid blog name: aren typical Windows applications’ dialogs really better?